Local Theatre

Local Theatre

Local theatre is unique. Most people think of the theatre as the big stages of the West End of Broadway and yet local theatre plays an important role within society. This is the ‘small’ platform but it can be the one in which thousands start from and it’s certainly can give those who want to get involved with a local community show the ability to do so. Getting involved with the local theatre groups can make someone get a passion for the arts and you never know where it could lead. However, if you have no experience in acting or drama and don’t know anyone who can help, can local theatre really be the answer? Well, it can be a great starting point and it’s certainly a way to feel involved and it can be a great hobby also.

Research the Local Theatres

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small community or are in a large city centre, you must get to know what local theatres there are near you. If there is a small local theatre that puts on shows or plays throughout the year, it’s wise to get to know more about them. This is important as you need to understand how they require staff to work on the set and how actors get involved. Some smaller theatres may advertise for actors wanted and audition them while other theatres take newcomers and work with them for several months to produce one show rather than auditioning for roles. Theatres vary considerably so it’s wise to know what’s around you. continue reading..

Contact Theatre Members

Next, it would be wise to talk to someone from the local theatre or theatre group. For instance, if you wanted to join the group and take part either behind the scenes or on stage, you could talk to someone involved to find out how to go about joining. Calling someone directly associated with the group or theatre would be ideal as they could inform you about upcoming shows they require help with or direct you to those who know about regular theatre groups. Also, this will give you an idea if the theatre or local theatre group/community is willing to bring another person into the environment yet. If not, you can always try another or at another time. If you can, talk to someone who is already a member of the local theatre; they may be able to point you in the right direction too.

What to Do If You Need an Audition

Local TheatreIf your local theatre or theatre group requires you to audition for them then you have to come up with a small skit that will impress. You need a simple audition that will impress but won’t appear too basic. Shakespeare is usually an easy idea but this can be overdone at times; sometimes, theatre groups who are considering adding you into their production want to see something unique and new. Your monologue or scene needs to look professional and flow smoothly which is why it might be wise to have a few basic acting or stage classes. This will give you an idea how actors should present themselves on stage.

Will You Be Discovered?

In all honesty you don’t know where taking part in local theatre will take you. There are some big-named actors and actresses who have started out in local theatre and who have gone onto the big stage. It can happen. However, there are also many talented actors and stagehands that don’t go further than local theatre which isn’t a bad thing. If you have the skills and talent, it can take you anywhere. Starting from the local theatre or even a small local theatre group can give you the experience, skills and know-how to go onto potentially bigger things in the future. read more from http://www.straight.com/arts/891776/classics-meet-new-local-works-just-announced-gateway-theatre-season

Embrace Theatre Life and Enjoy

Too many people focus on becoming a star and forget the most important factor – enjoyment. This isn’t just a role, it’s something to admire and more importantly enjoy taking part in. if you only focus on who could be in the audience then you’re going to miss out on the important things. Have fun and love your local theatre.

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